An historic heart with a futuristic view

Milano boasts a unique artistic heritage, of which Da Vinci’s Last Supper is the best-known masterpiece. Over 2.400 years of history have bestowed a rich inheritance on the city, with archaeological remains, Roman basilicas, Paleochristian mosaics, gothic cathedrals, Art Nouveau monuments and globally renowned museums preserving sculptures by Michelangelo and canvasses by Picasso.

And don’t worry if you don’t have much time, since the best news is that Milan offers an incredible number of attractions concentrated into the small historic centre. All these sites can be reached on foot passing through romantic cobbled streets.

From the Celtic origins to the 20th century: a journey in stages through the city’s most important historical periods and landmarks. Between invasions and battles, lordships and great artists, Milan has evolved and expanded its horizons to become, today, an internationally-renowned economic centre, the capital of Italian fashion and design.

The Milan Castel
Center Milan River Navigli Landscape Italy Town

Its known and unexpected colours

On a trip or holiday everyone seeks what they enjoy most. For some it’s art, for others food, recreation or nature. With its various districts – each with its own unique atmosphere – and its characteristic eclectic and energetic spirt, Milan is a city that can please everyone.

Who says Milano is a grey city?

Milano has so many colourful perspectives, much to the delight of lots of tourists who are always on the lookout for shots to amaze their relatives and friends.

Food and fun

Milano offers some of the most varied and innovative restaurants in all Italy. Ethnic, traditional, fusion, historic, modern, international and regional: it’s a true pleasure choosing from over 700 restaurants and 150 wine-bars, and a chance to savour cuisine from all over the world.

The aperitif is a ritual which all Milanese seek to enjoy every evening: every Milan bar holds a happy hour with an abundant buffet to sample along with your favourite drink.

Don’t miss out!

Nightlife is even more exciting with over 100 clubs and more than 500 bars, as well as 50 theatres; including the world famous temple of classical music, the Teatro alla Scala. There is never a shortage of entertainment in Milan, and the panorama of evening options is always changing, with pubs, cafés, live music bars and much more besides.

From Brera to the Navigli, from Isola-Garibaldi to Corso Como, unique and thrilling evenings out can be had all over Milan.


An unique shopping experience

Milan is the city where you can find the best of everything and where temptation is truly overwhelming. Boutiques are often housed in magnificent historic buildings, and the main shopping areas can easily be explored on foot through the city’s beautiful cobbled streets.

Discover the boutiques of the world’s leading designers in the Fashion Quadrilateral or indulge your curiosity in the vintage shops of Brera. Don’t forget to visit the Navigli area, or Porta Ticinese where you will find plenty of alternative shops. For the widest range of options, go to Corso Buenos Aires where hundreds of stores are gathered along a 3km street. If you are hunting for bargains, then don’t miss the largest Fashion Outlet in Europe, just outside the city. If you love Italian wine and delicacies, then enjoy the many irresistible gastronomic boutiques the city can offer.