A short step from the rest of Europe

Milano is located in the centre of Europe and is one of the easiest cities to reach: every day 800 direct flights connect Milano to over 200 destinations around the world, while the Central Station is one of Europe’s largest train hubs. The position of Milano also makes it easy to reach by car.

Malpensa airport is the most important intercontinental hub in southern Europe, and is well connected to the city centre thanks to the high speed Malpensa Express train. Two other international airports serve the city: Linate, just 7 km from the Duomo, and Orio al Serio, where the low-cost companies land.

The rail network serves two main stations which are: the Central station, where Trenitalia runs national and international services, and the Cadorna station for local connections with Ferrovie Nord.

International connections

North America: 70 flights per week from 8 destinations

Central America: 29 flights per week from 11 destinations

South America: 27 flights per week from 7 destinations

Africa: 90 flights per week from 16 destinations

Middle East: 59 flights per week from 9 destinations

Asia: 54 flights per week from 12 destinations

Principal global destinations and flight times

Buenos Aires  13:00  Rio de Janeiro  12:00

Beijing  10:50  Tel Aviv  4:25

Hong Kong  14:00  Tokio  12:35

New York  7:50  Toronto  8:10

how to reach

! ! ! Milan’s Linate Airport Closing For Three Months ! ! !

Milan’s Linate Airport will be closing for a period of three months, from July 27 through October 27, 2019.

This closure is taking place because the airport’s only runway is being renovated, so during that work it’s not possible for flights to operate to and from the airport.

In the city, as well as the numerous surface lines managed by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanese), the useful underground network enables passengers to reach every district.


Milano is served by 4 underground lines which cross the city from one end to the other. Each line is identified by a color: MM1 (red), MM2 (green), MM3 (yellow), MM5 (purple). MM4 is currently under way.

Hours: from 5.30am to 12.30am – Frequency: every 2 minutes during peak hours and every 4/5 minutes the rest of the day.


The “Passante” is a new part of the Milanese infrastructure. This connects the surface train lines with the underground. It also offers a direct link between Cadorna and Domodossola.

Hours: from 6.30am to 8pm – Frequency: every 10 minutes.

Surface transport network

Milan is equipped with an integrated surface transport network made up of around 120 lines including trams, trolleybuses and buses.

A night-bus service is also available for booking on request.

Hours: from 4am to 1.45am

Frequency: every 3 minutes during peak hours and every 6 minutes the rest of the day.


Milan has around 6,000 taxis. The white vehicles are distinguished by a sign on the roof which will light up when the cab is available.

Hours: 24 hours a day – Free number: 848.814.781

RadioTaxi: +39024040; +39028585; +39024000; +39026969